White U stems from a simple idea: having people smile.

We knew perfectly well that to do this, it wasn’t enough to produce a safe product, created by dentists, of excellent quality and Italian design.  A goal was needed, too.

Our mission is that of having people smile, arousing their emotions with a revolutionary kit.
We decided to offer an instrument capable of giving safety, joy and sharing, by brightening and whitening your teeth.


White U’s story began during a course of “Advanced General Dentistry” at NYU in Manhattan in 2012, with the aim of taking “smile cosmetics” to Italy and Europe, in a capillary way, with European security standards.

Thus, after years of research and development, a “professional” cosmetic product was born, created by professionals in the field of dental health that incorporates a dental consultant service.


We firmly believe in the safety and professionalism of the product, to the point of creating a service for all our consumers free of charge.
We created a key figure that will revolutionize the concept of your smile:

White U Smile Whitening Kit is a cosmetic KIT that can improve the aesthetics of your smile with products that whiten, re-mineralize and protect your teeth.

Become a White U Smiler, too, and enter the era of #smilefulness!